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"Does Rhino Refinishing repair cracks, chips, and scratches in my bathtub?" "We will fill in any chips or other imperfections in your bathtub or other surface prior to the refinishing process, making your damaged porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass surface as good as new."
What is the difference between bathtub refinishing and bathtub liners? "Unlike our bathtub refinishing process, which is done on-site and in one day, bathtub liners are manufactured off-site as one-piece, heat-molded units that are inserted over your original bathtub or shower surface and then ""glued"" in place with adhesive caulk. Bathtub liners leave spaces between the liner and the original surface where moisture can condense and stagnate. Cracks in the liner can occur, releasing moisture and lead to unsanitary conditions. With our Glass Tech 9000™ process, the new finish, through a molecular bonding action, becomes a permanent part of the old fixture. Refer to our bathtub refinishing vs. bathtub liners page for more info. "
What makes Rhino Refinishing different from other refinishing companies? "Rhino Refinishing is dedicated to the highest standards in the refinishing business, We only use the highest quality materials in our refinishing process, and our work is backed by our industry-leading 5 year guarantee! Refer to our Rhino Refinishing vs. competitors page for more info. "
How does Rhino Refinishing refinishing process differ from other competitors? "Some refinishing companies take ""short cuts"" and like to skip the etching and priming stages of the refinishing process. Industry wide studies and laboratory testing have shown that etching is a critical step in the process in order to maximize adhesion and give the finished product the longest-lasting durability possible. Plus, our Glass Tech 9000™ process has the most proven track record in the industry. Visit our refinishing process page for more info. "
What is acid etching? "Etching porcelain to maximize adhesion is an integral part of the successful refinishing process and provides superior service life for your refinished fixtures. Some companies promote an ""acid free"" process as a marketing tool, portraying etching as unsafe. Rhino Refinishing employs a stabilized etching solution that becomes neutralized during the cleaning process and will not harm any surrounding surfaces. Visit our Refinishing process page for more info. "
Can you refinish a tub that has been already refinished? "Yes, a tub that has been refinished before can be refinished again. Rhino Refinishing will strip and clean the tub before we refinish it so the old coatings are removed." Most tub faliures are due because of two situations: 1) Because the etched - sprayed on epoxy primer stage of the process was skiped or replaced with a wipe on primer only. 2) Technician Application: because the technician doing the job does not spray on the proper millage (thickness) in applying the coatings. Rhino Refinishing does it right the first time and we back it up with a 5 year written warranty!
"A tub that has been lined, can you refinish?" A tub that has liners over it can be refinished. Once the liner is removed then Rhino Refinishing will refinish the original bathtub.

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